Audit of EU Projects | Wojciech Adrianowski

Audit of EU Projects

Companies that used funding from EU programs for their projects, must remember that one of the elements of the settlement of this financial support is mandatory audit. The audit is conducted by an external entity. Its result is to obtain an opinion – reasonable assurance that the expenditure incurred by the project are eligible, and implemented project is in accordance with the contract and proposal.

We are pleased to offer you an audit of projects financed and co-financed by the European Union.The purpose of the audit EU project is to confirm the reliability of the data, both numerical and descriptive as contained in the documents related to the project. The purpose of the audit is also an objective and independent assessment of the correctness of the implementation of the EU project.


Audit of EU project is to:

  • check the correctness and relevance of expenditure (assessment of eligibility of expenditure in the project),
  • analysis of the accuracy of documentation,
  • analysis of the internal control procedures in relation to the transfer and settlement of funds received,
  • analysis of the reporting process on the implementation of the project, with particular attention on meeting the objectives of the project and implementation of the project funding agreement.