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Audit of financial statements
The main business of our company is audit of financial statements, both single-unit and consolidated. The company operates on the basis …



Review of financial statements
The review relates to the financial statements and summary financial statements prepared for the period shorter than a year and …

Transfer pricing documentation
Preparation of transfer pricing tax documentation is a formal legal requirement imposed by tax legislation and includes the writing of document in which the transaction or sum of transactions …
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Audit of company’s transformation plans
We introduce the offer of audit of company’s transformation plans, as well as the merger and division plans. The aim of the service is to express an opinion on the conversion plan …


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Consultancy on accounting and taxes
We encourage you to call us and consult on accounting and tax matters, especially in the areas of bookkeeping, internal control, support for employees, taxes …


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EU projects audit
Companies that used funding from EU programs for their projects, must remember that one of the elements of the settlement of this financial support is mandatory audit….